The Dresden Prague Science Exchange (DPSX) is an initiative that aims at linking the scientists in both cities, Dresden and Prague, through a series of invited seminars.

Since the start in 2015, the following seminars took place:

Speakers from Dresden giving a talk in Prague

Date Speaker Topic
Dec 9 2015 Caren Norden (MPI-CBG) The diverse roles of centrosomes in neuroepithelial development and maturation
Feb 24 2016 Simon Alberti (MPI-CBG) Phase separation in intracellular organization, dormancy and disease
Feb 10 2016 Nadine Vastenhouw (MPI-CBG) The role of chromatin in repression and activation of the zygotic genome in zebrafish
Apr  8 2016 Stephan Grill (MPI-CBG) Actomyosin Force Generation and Pattern Formation
Oct 4 2017 Jochen Rink (MPI-CBG) Planarian regeneration: Self-organization on the organismal scale
Nov 1 2017 Gaia Pigino (MPI-CBG) Ciliary assembly and transport

Speakers from Prague giving a talk in Dresden

Date Speaker Topic
Dec 14 2015 Petr Svoboda (IMG) A sobering look at the mammalian RNAi pathway
Apr 12 2016 Josef Lazar (IOCB) No need to FRET: sensitive imaging of molecular processes by two-photon polarization microscopy
Apr 18 2016 David Stanek (IMG) Quality control during snRNP biogenesis
May 30 2016 Zbynek Kozmik (IMG) Eye development and evolution: lessons from vertebrates and invertebrates
Sept 26 2016 Christian Lanctot (Charles University) Single cell analysis of transcription during changes in chromatin state
Dec 12 2016 Dmytro Yuschenko (IOCB) Chemical tools to study the biology of Parkinsons disease and insulin secretion
March 27 2017 Jiri Neuzil (IBT) Horizontal transfer of mitochondria in cancer
Apr 10 2017 Vladimir Hampl (Charles University) Life without mitochondrion
Jun 6 2017 Radislav Sedlacek (IMG) Simultaneous Inactivation of Klk5 and Klk7 Rescues Lethal Phenotype of Netherton Syndrome mouse model
Sept 19 2017 Zdena Palkova (Charles University) Yeast colonies: Primitive multicellular organisms
Oct 9 2017 Pavel Jungwirth (IOCB) Cell Penetration and Membrane Fusion: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Nov 27 2017 Martin Hof (IOCB) Does Ganglioside GM1 promote neurodegeneration or does it act neuroprotective? Molecular insights from single molecule fluorescence
Jan 30 2018 Robert Cerny (Charles University) Ectoderm-endodermal interactions in the developing vertebrate head
Apr 24, 2018 Hana Macickova Cahova (IOCB) How to find needle in a haystack? (New types of RNA modifications)
June 5, 2018 Vladimir Korinek (IMG) Troy and Msx1, “merely” markers, or essential genes in the intenstinal epithelium? Lessons from the gene targeting studies

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