The aim of the Horizon 2020 “Teaming for Excellence” program is to transfer experience from Europe’s top research centres to encourage the emergence of regional innovation clusters in the new EU member states.

The funding for phase 1 was approved by the European Commission in May 2017. Since September 2017 the ARIB team has been exploring best-practice examples of the MPI-CBG in order to adapt them to the IMG needs. The phase 1 activities will result in an ARIB Business Plan that will be submitted to the European Commission in August 2018.

Photo: Left to right:
Marketa Morska, ARIB project manager, IMG; Libor Danek, ARIB project manager, IMG; Jussi Helppi, head of Biomedical services, MPI-CBG; Meri Alberich-Jorda, head of Haematooncology Lab, IMG; Radislav Sedlacek – ARIB coordinator, IMG; Pavel Vopalensky, ARIB project manager, MPI-CBG; Vladimir Korinek – IMG deputy director; Pavel Tomancak; ARIB deputy coordinator, MPI-CBG; Birgit Knepper, head of Grant office, MPI-CBG; Gene Myers, MPI-CBG managing director; Petr Draber, IMG director; Ivan Baines, MPI-CBG COO; Ira Illgen, grants manager, MPI-CBG; David Stanek, head of Lab of RNA Biology, IMG; Wieland Huttner, MPI-CBG director

Time Axis

The project is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1 – preparatory
  • Phase 2 – implementation


Phase 1

September 2017 – August 2018

To prepare an application for the phase 2, including a comprehensive business plan for ARIB implementation.

EU (Horizon 2020)


August 2018
Submission of the Business Plan

November 2018 Submission of  the proposal for Phase II


Phase 2

2019 – 2025

To implement ARIB structures

15 million EUR – EU (Horizon 2020) – Teaming contribution (5-7 years)

up to 24 million EUR – matching national funds – Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (Operational Programme Research, Innovation, Education)


Sustainability phase


The primary objective of the one-year phase 1 project is to prepare a comprehensive Business Plan that will enable the realization of the long-term goals of the ARIB project.

ARIB phase 1 objectives:

  • To prepare ARIB scientific and innovation strategy that takes into account scientific state-of-the-art, the expertise of the partners, the relevant S3 strategies and the desired impact of the project.
  • To organize bilateral meetings and exchange visits between scientists from the IMG and MPI-CBG to create highly functional interaction networks and identify areas of scientific synergy.
  • To transfer knowledge for efficient science and scientist-oriented administration of ARIB.
  • To facilitate research excellence by exchange of scientific infrastructure personnel between partners and transfer of expertise in education and training of early career stage researchers (PhD students, post-docs).
  • To develop strong interactions with the regional research entities and the STAR (Science, Technology, Advanced Region) cluster to foster an innovation friendly environment with appropriate technology transfer strategy.
  • To develop measures within ARIB to facilitate the implementation of business models leading to exploitation of research results.
  • To ensure long-term sustainability of ARIB project.
  • To set up a framework for dissemination and communication of the ARIB project.