The ARIB international Scientific Advisory Board (iSAB)  consists of experienced senior researchers from leading institutions around the world. The iSAB experts are coming from research fields relevant to the scientific agenda of ARIB.

During the phase 1 the international Scientific Advisory Board will convene once – during the final executive board meeting – to get familiar with the ARIB project’s ambition and provide outside view on the scientific, technical and policy issues.

List of members:

Name Position
Prof. Maria Leptin Director of EMBO
Prof. Mike Ferguson Wellcome Trust Board of Governors
Prof. Kai Simons MPG Director, one of founders of MPI-CBG & Lipotype
Prof. Jurgen Knoblich Deputy Scientific Director of IMBA Vienna
Prof. Jason Swedlow University of Dundee & Glencoe Software
Prof. Alfonso Martinez- Arias Dept. of Genetics, University of Cambridge
Prof. Gerald M. Rubin HHMI Vice President and Executive Director of the Janelia Research Campus
Prof. Bill Hansson Vice-President of MPG
Prof. Steven Brown Director, MRC Harwell Institute
Prof. Karla Neugebauer Dept. of Mol. Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University
 Dr. Duncan Odom CRU Cambridge Institute
 Prof. Jiri Forejt Dept. of Mouse Molecular Genetics, IMG