Event date: Sep 15, 2017
Place: Dresden, DE

This September, the ARIB project team met in Dresden for the first time and discussed the strategy for building up the new research incubator within IMG. Initially, funding of approximately 400,000 EUR has been granted for the project in order to prepare a business plan for realization of the project’s vision. If the proposal succeeds in the next round of competition, ARIB will be implemented in the coming years with a funding of 15 to 20 million EUR from the EU and matching funds from the Czech government.

Under the “Teaming for Excellence“ call, the IMG and the MPI-CBG will cooperate towards upgrading IMG to an internationally excellent and visible research institution. Radislav Sedlacek, the project coordinator from the IMG, explains: “IMG aims to be a model for research excellence and a catalyst for economic development in the biosciences sector in the Czech Republic, especially in the Central Bohemian region and Prague.

Pavel Tomancak, the project deputy coordinator from MPI-CBG adds: “The principal goal of ARIB is to attract the best scientists on the market by creating excellent conditions for young research group leaders at IMG based on MPI standards of scientific excellence”.

Group photo of the project team